Best heavy duty sewing machine 2023

Are you looking for the most reliable heavy duty sewing machine? You’re in the right place. Our guide will help you find the perfect one that fits your needs with all the latest options available in 2023.

With our detailed breakdown and reviews, you’ll be ready to start sewing in no time!

Best heavy duty sewing machine 2023

  1. SINGER 4452 heavy duty Machine(Editor’s Pick)
  2. SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Machine(Best Overall)
  3. Brother ST371HD heavy duty Machine(Budget Friendly)
  4. Brother PQ1500SL heavy duty Machine
  5. SINGER SM024 heavy duty Machine
  6. Janome heavy duty Machine
  7. Brother XR3774 heavy duty Machine

1) SINGER 4452 Heavy Duty Machine

Best heavy duty sewing machine

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The heavy-duty SINGER 4452 improves your sewing space. Its grey hue complements any design.2. User-friendly

Machines are easy. SINGER 4452 simplifies stitching. This machine simplifies stitching.

Outperforms Fabric

Learn Everything

SINGER 4452 heavy-duty machine handles all materials. For flexible stitching jobs, this sewing wonder tackles any material.

Free-flowing fabric

SINGER 4452’s stainless steel bed plate feeds fabric. Stitching without snags and tugs lets you focus on creativity.

Needle Threading

Conserve Energy

Stop hand-threading needles. SINGER 4452 needle threaders make this easier. Now sew.

Automatic needle threaders simplify needle threading. Instant needle threading and sewing.

Enable Yourself

Excellent Sewing

SINGER 4452’s motor is unique. This machine sews creative projects well with 50% more power.

Accept Hard Tasks

Motor power expands options. From complicated designs to heavy-duty applications, the SINGER 4452 delivers excellent results.


The SINGER 4452 heavy-duty machine is stylish and functional. Its fashionable grey hue and several functionalities make stitching fun and efficient. SINGER 4452 allows you create, master all fabrics, and complete any project. This great machine improves sewing.

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  1. Durable metal construction
  2. Stainless steel bed plate for smooth fabric feeding
  3. Built-in needle threader for convenience
  4. 50% stronger motor for enhanced performance
  5. measures 6.25″D x 15.5″W x 12″H
Core Feature
Color Gray
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 6.25″D x 15.5″W x 12″H
Item Weight 14.6 Pounds
Motor 50% stronger

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2) SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Machine

Best heavy duty sewing machine

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Whether you’re sewing simple clothing or intricate detailing, the SINGER 4411 is your best friend. Its 11 built-in stitches let you try different sewing techniques. This machine can stitch straight seams and lovely ornamental stitches.

Fingertip Precision

The SINGER 4411 is precise while working with diverse textiles. Its adjustable needle position lets you position the needle easily. You can easily and accurately sew through thick layers of fabric or delicate materials.

Fast Sewing

SINGER 4411 is efficient in today’s fast-paced environment. With 1,100 stitches per minute, you can finish projects quickly. Rapid stitching lets you meet deadlines without sacrificing quality. Eliminate tedious sewing!

Durability and Stability

SINGER 4411 heavy-duty machines last. This strong metal sewing machine will last for years. Its sturdy structure makes sewing smooth and uninterrupted.


The SINGER 4411 heavy duty sewing machine is powerful, versatile, and efficient. Beginners and advanced sewers love its 11 built-in stitches, adjustable needle position, and fast sewing speed. The SINGER 4411 will transform your stitching work. Sew professionally!

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  1. dimensions of 8.8″D x 18″W x 13.4″H 
  2. 11 built-in stitches for versatility
  3. Adjustable needle position for precision
  4. High sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute
  5. Suitable for various sewing tasks
Core Feature
Color Gray
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 8.8″D x 18″W x 13.4″H
Item Weighs 14.5 Pounds
Built-in Stitches 11
stitches per minute 1,100

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3) Brother ST371HD Heavy Duty Machine

Best heavy duty sewing machine

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Brother ST371HD stitch variety exceeds expectations. This machine has 37 stitches for infinite creativity. This machine has stitches for simple alterations, intricate designs, and heavy-duty operations.

Sturdy Fabrics

Multiple fabrics demand a strong sewing machine. Strong and durable, the Brother ST371HD excels in all materials. This machine sews silks, denim, and leather precisely.

Effective Automatic Bobbin Winding

Sewers appreciate smooth bobbin winding. The Brother ST371HD automates bobbin winding. Automatically wind bobbins evenly. Focus on creativity rather than technicalities with this time-saving solution.

Fast Sewing

Brother ST371HD sews fast. 800 stitches per minute makes this machine speedy. Fast, flawless sewing enhances productivity.


The Brother ST371HD heavy-duty machine revolutionises stitching. Its 37 built-in stitches offer creativity, and its strength and durability make it a versatile textile workhorse. Automated bobbin winding and rapid stitching make sewing easy.

Start sewing with the Brother ST371HD today. Originality makes work professional. Sew professionally using the Brother ST371HD high-duty machine.

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  1. measures 7.87″D x 16.1″W x 12.21″H 
  2. 37 built-in stitches for versatility
  3. Strong and tough for various fabric types
  4. Automatic bobbin winding system for convenience
  5. 800 stitches per minute sewing speed
Core Feature
Built-in Stitches 37
Material metal
Product Dimensions 7.87″D x 16.1″W x 12.21″H
Item Weight 18.4 Pounds
Brand Brother
stitches per minute 800

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4) Brother PQ1500SL Heavy Duty Machine

Best heavy duty sewing machine

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Large Brother PQ1500SL workstation. The 11″ x 21.5″ table simplifies difficult work. Experiment freely with 5.7″ x 8.6″ needle-to-arm spacing.

custom fit

It’s customizable and precise. 5mm and 7mm adjustable stitch length and breadth ensure perfect sewing. The Brother PQ1500SL streamlines quilting, sewing, and handicraft.

Improve Creativity

Brother PQ1500SL believes every sewer deserves a well-lit workspace. LEDs illuminate project details in dim light. Sew precisely without eye strain.

Reliable Power

The 110v UL/CSA-listed Brother PQ1500SL makes sewing easy and safe. This certificate assures the machine fulfils industry safety standards, allowing you focus on sewing.

Brother PQ1500SL for who?

Advanced sewers want the Brother PQ1500SL. This machine stitches large projects rapidly. Quilters, garment manufacturers, and craftspeople use the Brother PQ1500SL.


Finally, dedicated sewers enjoy the Brother PQ1500SL heavy-duty machine. With its fast stitching, large workspace, and varied stitch selections, this sewing powerhouse enhances your masterpieces. LEDs and safety certifications make it reliable and user-friendly. Brother PQ1500SL elevates your sewing. Use this wonderful sewing machine to sew perfectly.

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  1. High sewing speed of 1,500 stitches per minute
  2. Wide table and ample needle-to-arm space for larger projects
  3. measures 7.9″D x 12.6″W x 19.3″H
  4. LED lighting for a well-lit workspace
  5. Durable metal construction
Core Feature
Stitches Per Minute 1,500
Material metal
Product Dimensions 7.9″D x 12.6″W x 19.3″H
Item Weight 29.76 Pounds
needle-to-arm space 5.7″ x 8.6″
Stitch Length (mm) 5
Stitch Width (mm) 7

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5) SINGER SM024 Heavy Duty Machine

Best heavy duty sewing machine

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Sewing is fun with proper tools. SINGER SM024 includes 4 presser feet for trying different fabrics and techniques. This machine stitches delicate materials and heavy layers precisely and uniformly, making professional-looking designs effortless.

SINGER SM024 has great storage. This thoughtful addition organises your sewing supplies and accessories. Tools are available.

Dependable Performance

Sewing machines should last. Durable SINGER SM024 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine. It’s built to last. This machine can help beginners and experts stitch.

Easy Operation

SINGER Easy Operation SM024 is simple to use. Beginners can sew easily. Eliminate unclear settings. This gear allows uninterrupted creation.


Finally, the SINGER SM024 Heavy Duty stitching Machine revolutionises stitching. Its versatility, simplicity, and longevity make it a reliable sewing partner. This incredible sewing machine enhances creativity and needlework. SINGER SM024 improves stitching.

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  1. Durable metal construction
  2. 27 stitches and 97 stitch applications for versatility
  3. 4 presser feet for various sewing techniques
  4. dimensions of 6.7″D x 13.4″W x 11.8″H 
  5. Compact and lightweight design
Core Feature
Product Dimensions 6.7″D x 13.4″W x 11.8″H
Item Weight 12.79 Pounds
Stitches 27
stitch applications 97
Presser Feet 4

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6) Janome Heavy Duty Machine

Best heavy duty sewing machine

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Creative stitching needs possibilities. Janome Heavy Duty Machines include 30 built-in stitches. These stitches are great for fashion, home design, quilting, and handicraft.

Smooth Fabric Feed Dogs, 4-Piece

Sew without fabric feed issues. Janome Heavy Duty Machines have 4-piece feed dogs. This machine sews evenly without bunching.

Large Backlit LED Display Enhances Visibility

Janome Heavy Duty Machine’s large backlit LED display simplifies stitch and setting choices. In dim light, you may easily access stitch options and settings to focus on your creativity.

Lasting Quality

Sewists need sturdy machines. Janome Heavy Duty Machines use aluminium frames. This strong design enhances the machine’s longevity and sewing precision.

820 SPM Max Efficiency

Time is crucial for multiple initiatives. The Janome Heavy Duty Machine can stitch 820 SPM, helping you finish projects on time.

Customise Projects with Stitch Width and Length

Janome Heavy Duty Machine knows each sewing project is unique. Stitch widths and lengths up to 7mm and 5mm allow customization. This machine makes decorative and precise stitches.


The Janome Heavy Duty Machine sews powerfully. Its strong plastic-metal construction is portable. 30 built-in stitches, 4-piece feed dogs, a big backlit LED display, and stitch options make this machine perfect for sewers. Enjoy sewing with the Janome Heavy Duty Machine. Create with this fantastic stitching buddy.

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  1. measuring 6.4″D x 15″W x 11″H 30 
  2. built-in stitches 30 for versatility
  3. Large backlit LED display for easy stitch selection
  4. 4-piece feed dogs for smooth fabric feeding
  5. Adjustable stitch width and length for customization
Core Feature
Material plastic, Metal
Product Dimensions 6.4″D x 15″W x 11″H
built-in stitches 30
Feed Dogs 4-Piece
Maximum Stitch Width 7mm
Maximum Stitch Lenth 5mm

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7) Brother XR3774 Heavy Duty Machine

Best heavy duty sewing machine

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Convenient Brother XR3774. Its 5.8-inch depth, 15.3-inch width, and 12-inch height are small and functional. It’s 15.87 pounds, perfect for travellers and small spaces.

Needle threading is tedious, but don’t worry! Its needle threader saves time. The drop-in bobbin system simplifies bobbin changes, letting you spend more time sewing.

Easy Flexibility

The Brother XR3774 has 37 stitches and unlimited choices. You’ll have basic and decorative stitches for creative sewing. This machine does fashion, home design, quilting, and crafts.

Simple Crafts

Sewing feet distinguish this machine. They let the machine stitch diverse fabrics and techniques. Switch feet effortlessly and obtain perfect results.

Durability Meets Performance

Sturdy sewing machines. Brother XR3774’s goal. Its strong structure can handle difficult jobs. Beginner and professional sewers choose it for its reliability.


Powerful Brother XR3774 heavy-duty sewing machine. Sewing aficionados require it for its huge stitch selection, user-friendliness, and durability. This machine will be your creative partner whether you’re a beginner or a pro looking to upgrade. The Brother XR3774 elevates your sewing!

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  1. Durable metal construction 
  2. 37 built-in stitches for versatility
  3. weighs 15.87 pouds
  1. Suitable for different fabric types
  2. measures 5.8″D x 15.3″W x 12″H  
Core Feature
Built-in Stitches 37
Brand Brother
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 5.8″D x 15.3″W x 12″H
Item Weight 15.87 Pounds

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Best heavy duty sewing machine 2023-Complete Buying Guide

If you are looking for a heavy-duty sewing machine in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. Heavy-duty sewing machines are designed to handle more stressful tasks with ease—from denim to canvas and other materials. These machines can easily sew through more layers of fabric at a time, ensuring that you complete your projects quickly and professionally.

When shopping for a heavy-duty sewing machine there are several things to consider such as features, durability, types of stitches available, speed control, size and portability. Additionally, some machines might offer computerized or digital features like LCD screen displays or memory storage capabilities. In this guide we review the top 5 heavy-duty sewing machines so that you can make an informed decision when buying the best one to help you get the most out of your next project.

Definition of heavy duty sewing machines

Heavy duty sewing machines are designed to be robust and capable of tackling heavy fabrics, such as leather, canvas, and denim. They feature stronger motor power and thicker needles than the average standard machine. As a result of the increased durability, they are more suited for garment making businesses or intensive sewing projects.

The stitch length of heavy duty models is usually adjustable as is their speed. High quality models also have built-in features such as buttonhole settings and an auto-thread cutter for convenience. As a general rule, you can expect the top manufacturers to provide robust designs that are ideal for commercial use.

Importance of having a heavy duty sewing machine

Having a heavy-duty sewing machine is essential for those who want to create more substantial finished projects. Typical home machines are designed for light and medium-weight fabrics, leaving them ill-equipped to handle heavier materials. These heavier materials could include denim, upholstery fabric, canvas – any material that is more than a sixteenth of an inch thick.

Heavy-duty sewing machines are one of the few pieces of equipment that can stitch through thicker fabrics without having to be fed the material by hand. Many have features including extra-large bobbin cases which hold extra thread and longer stitch lengths in order to make quick work with larger projects. Stronger motors and feed mechanisms keep these machines running while they handle multiple layers with no difficulty at all. In addition, many models come with adjustable pressure settings that allow users to make adjustments according to the thickness of their material—a great feature when working with a variety of fabrics.

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Types of Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

The heavy duty sewing machines can be broadly classified into three types – the mechanical, the computerised and the embroidery machines.

1.Mechanical: Mechanical sewing machines use a manual hand-wheel for controlling the differential feed ratio and other parts operations. These are easy to use, convenient and economical as compared to other types of sewing machines. Some of the models come with built-in thread cutter, needle setter and stitch length adjustments that make it highly suitable for producing garments or pillows.

2.Computerized: Computerized sewing machines are programmed to sew items automatically according to preset parameters. They come in a wide range of features such as adjustable speed controls, automatic thread cutters, needle positioners and programmed stitches for added convenience and efficiency. These models are ideal for producing large quantity of items quickly as it eliminates most manual labour involved in operating a standard machine.

3.Embroidery: Embroidery machines offer more complex patterns than what can be achieved by mechanical or computerized models due to enriched zigzag stitch possibilites on fabric..These are best suited for decoration purposes on garments or home furnishings since they support variety of graphics formation options along with decorative stitching capability when compared to ordinary sewing machines. Most embroidery models also come equipped with several automated functions like edging, quilting, piping etc., making them ideal solution for customisation needs such as design simulation using multiple color threads apart from just basic stitching needs on fabrics..

Mechanical heavy duty sewing machines

A mechanical heavy-duty sewing machine operates with the use of an electrical motor, giving you access to more stitch selections and more control over the speed of stitching. This type of machine usually features a sturdy frame built with robust and durable parts, ensuring consistent results even when handling thick fabrics.

Mechanical heavy-duty sewing machines feature easy adjustments for operability and versatility such as stitch width and length, as well as needle size so you can make structural changes without having to replace any components. As well as being strong enough to handle thicker materials such as jeans, canvas fabrics and leather, these machines are much easier to repair than electronic models due to the fact that all mechanisms can be adjusted with a simple screwdriver. Some machines may even be able to sew simple embroidery designs for decoration.

Electronic heavy duty sewing machines

Electronic heavy-duty sewing machines are great for completing fast and accurate projects. They generally feature top-of-the-line features such as advanced feed systems, adjustable stitch speeds and multiple speed settings, built-in LED lighting, and programmable descent control. The stitch quality is usually superior to that of non-electronic models and therefore may be an excellent choice for tougher fabrics or long-term stitching projects.

Due to the sophistication of today’s electronic heavy-duty sewing machines, the costs of operation are typically higher than those associated with manual or mechanical models. In addition, many electronic heavy duty models require electrical outlets to power them so they may not be ideal for taking on the road or using in remote locations where no electricity is available.

Computerized heavy duty sewing machines

Computerized heavy duty sewing machines are perfect for the experienced sewer who wants to take their work to the next level. This type of machine is controlled with a computer panel that makes it efficient and accurate.

With computerized capabilities, sewers can take advantage of intricate designs that would otherwise be impossible, as well as time- and energy-saving features such as automatic thread-cutting and/or fabric trimming. They come with various features such as a built-in needle threader, adjustable speed control, stitch selection buttons and memorized stitch settings.

Computerized machines generally come with an LCD display, multiple presser foot options and multiple tension settings. They are designed for both home use or commercial use and can handle heavier fabrics up to eight layers thick.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

When shopping for a heavy duty sewing machine, there are several factors to consider. Before making a purchase, check the Features and Specifications of the machine. The types of stitches offered and the ability to adjust stitch length and tension can greatly impact the quality of your sewing projects. Additionally, look at the machine’s construction materials and determine whether it is designed to resist dust buildup and last for many years of future use.

No matter how you plan to use your sewing machine, make sure it will offer plenty of stability while in use. Some machines may feature an adjustable table extension or even rubberized feet which help keep the unit in place while you sew larger fabrics. Other features such as a lamp, needle threader, take-up lever, thread cutter and automatic buttonholer should also be taken into consideration when selecting a new heavy duty sewing machine. Finally, pay attention to its precise dimensions so that you can make sure that the unit will fit comfortably on your work surface before making a purchase.

Purpose of the machine

The purpose of a heavy duty sewing machine is to provide sewers with a robust and dependable tool for tackling larger, thicker fabrics. Sewers may range from beginners learning to sew on their first machine, to experienced quilters and tailors who need more power than what traditional home machines can provide.

When choosing a heavy duty machine, it’s important to remember the different types available and decide which is best suited for the specific project you have in mind. Portable machines are often used for denim and upholstery projects due to their ease of transportability, while stationary machines are better suited for bigger tasks such as quilting or alterations.

The motor size of any given machine should be carefully considered when purchasing. A higher wattage motor will typically mean faster sewing speeds, whereas smaller machines may struggle with tougher fabrics or large projects requiring multiple layers of fabric. Additionally, many heavy duty machines offer adjustable speed settings so that the user can choose the power level that is most comfortable or convenient for them. Finally, look for models that come equipped with a wide range of stitch length and width options – this will give you greater flexibility when tackling any range of projects!

Type of fabrics to be sewn

When selecting the ideal heavy duty sewing machine for your needs, it’s important to consider the type of fabrics you plan on working with most often. The thickness and firmness of the fabric might require a specific needle size or type. Additionally, if the fabric is very thick, some machines may not be able to handle the strain.

Heavy fabrics such as canvas, leather or denim are best suited for stronger motors like those found in industrial-grade machines or specialized leather machines. On the other hand, thin fabrics like silk, chiffon and lace generally need special attention. Some home sewing machines will also include settings specifically designed to handle these more delicate pieces.

In general, when selecting a machine for heavier fabrics you should look for models with adjustable stitch length and width as well as an adjustable presser foot so you can work with various types of fabrics without having to swap out parts or accessories between projects. The ability to use multiple needles is also desirable as this allows you to easily switch sizes depending on what project you are working on. Lastly, if your heavy duty machine will be used frequently then a higher wattage motor will provide more power and durability over time.

Durability and strength of the machine

When selecting a heavy duty sewing machine it is important to consider the durability and strength of the machine. Durability and strength rely heavily on the manufacturer, material type and construction of the sewing machine. The mechanism of the sewing machine should be able to handle long hours of operation and occasionally higher speed. Consider manufacturers with a strong track record of offering durable machines like Singer, Brother or Janome. When looking at specific models, read customer reviews that talk about how well the model stands up over time versus any reports of failing parts or construction breakdowns.

The material used in constructing a heavy duty sewing machine makes it more apt to take on tougher jobs. One important piece is the hook race which disengages after each stitch to fit around the arm when using multiple threads. Many hook races are now made from hardened steel that are covered with teflon for easier operation and extended wear resistance. Machines made from aluminum alloy bodies tend to last longer due to their ability to handle greater vibration levels without affecting performance. It’s also important for a machine’s frame and parts like its presser feet, bobbins and stippling plate all have rust-resistant finishes as these become especially exposed on heavier machines that have more vibration motion than lighter-weight models during use.

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In summary, finding the best heavy duty sewing machine doesn’t have to be a tricky task. By considering various factors such as the type and size of fabric to be sewn, available budget, stitch quality and type of thread used, durable construction materials and components, as well as technological features related to ease of use and speed control. All factors considered, sewing fanatics can now make better informed decisions when it comes to choosing their ideal heavy-duty sewing machine.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand more about the different aspects involved in choosing a heavy duty sewing machine and able you to make a purchase decision that will bring you satisfaction for years to come.


What is the best brand for heavy duty sewing machine?

Some of the best brands for heavy duty sewing machines are Singer, Juki, Brother, Janome, and Pfaff.

Is it worth getting a heavy duty sewing machine?

It depends on your sewing needs. If you frequently sew thick fabrics, multiple layers of fabric, or sew for long hours, then a heavy duty sewing machine might be worth the investment.

What is the best quality sewing machine?

There are many high-quality sewing machine brands such as Bernina, Janome, Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking, and Brother. The best quality sewing machine will depend on your personal needs and budget.

What kind of sewing machine do professionals use?

Professionals may use a range of sewing machines depending on their specific needs. Industrial sewing machines are commonly used in manufacturing and commercial settings, while high-end home sewing machines are often used by professionals who sew custom clothing and accessories.

Which is the best industrial sewing machine in India?

There are many reputable brands of industrial sewing machines available in India, including Juki, Singer, Brother, and Zoje. The best industrial sewing machine will depend on your specific needs.

What’s the number one sewing machine?

It’s difficult to say which is the number one sewing machine as it will depend on personal preferences and needs. However, some of the most popular sewing machine brands are Singer, Brother, and Janome.

What is a heavy-duty sewing machine?

A heavy-duty sewing machine is a machine that is designed to sew through thicker and heavier fabrics than a regular sewing machine. These machines usually have a stronger motor, a heavier body, and can handle thicker threads.

What are the 3 types of sewing machine?

The 3 types of sewing machines are mechanical, electronic, and computerized.

What are the 4 types of sewing machine?

The 4 types of sewing machines are mechanical, electronic, computerized, and embroidery.

What is the most popular sewing machine brand?

Some of the most popular sewing machine brands are Singer, Brother, Janome, and Bernina.

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