Best bernina sewing machine 2023

Are you interested in buying a Bernina sewing machine but don’t know what to look for?

Do you need help finding the best Bernina sewing machine on the market? This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to selecting the best Bernina sewing machine, so you can confidently purchase the perfect one for your needs.

Best bernina sewing machine 2023

  1. Bernina B 530 Sewing Machine(Editor’s Pick)
  2. Bernette 79 sewing machine(Best Overall)
  3. Bernette b77 sewing machine(Budget Friendly)
  4. Bernette 38 Swiss Sewing Machine
  5. Bernette 37 Sewing Machine
  6. Bernette b35 sewing machine
  7. Bernette Sew Go 5 sewing machine

1) Bernina B 530 Sewing Machine

Best bernina sewing machine

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The Bernina B 530 has exceptional stitch control. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, you’ll always get perfect stitches. This machine will eliminate inconsistent sewing.

One-Step Buttonhole Creation

No more buttonholes! Automatic one-step buttonholes make the Bernina B 530 fast and easy. Smooth buttonholes without manual adjustments.

Bernina Quality Unmatched

The B 530 is another high-quality Bernina sewing machine. This sewing machine keeps the brand’s tradition of durability and dependability.

Flexible Non-Electric Component

The Bernina B 530 offers unequalled flexibility and convenience with its corded electric power and non-electric component. This function lets you sew anywhere, whether you’re in class, travelling, or working without electricity.

Conclusion: Great Sewing Investment

In conclusion, the Bernina B 530 Sewing Machine is a terrific purchase for sewing lovers seeking a high-quality, efficient machine. This machine will exceed your expectations with its precise stitch control, automatic one-step buttonhole, and Bernina brand. Don’t settle for less than the Bernina B 530’s performance and reliability. This versatile and durable sewing machine will elevate your projects and talents.

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  1. Optimum stitch control for precision
  2. Automatic one-step buttonhole for convenience
  3. Compact size with manageable weight
  4. High-quality brand reputation
  5. Corded electric power source for reliable performance
Core feature
Package Dimensions 22.05 x 18.5 x 15.35 inches
Item Weight 32 pounds
Brand Bernina
Color Silver
Power Source Corded Electric
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 2) Bernette 79 Sewing Machine

Best bernina sewing machine

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With economical AC power, Bernette 79 sews smoothly. Customise sewing speed using the programmable foot control. It simplifies stitching.

Embroidery Module and Dual-Feed Stitch Designer redefine versatility.

Embroidery aficionados will love the Bernette 79. Three embroidery hoops offer artistic possibilities. Design stunning embroidery projects.

The dual-feed stitch designer characterises this sewing machine. Even fabric feed minimises puckering and seams. On delicate and heavy fabrics, the Bernette 79 excels.

Accurate Home Decor

Bernette 79 excels at home dcor. Precision stitching and control simplify expert finishing. No more uneven pillowcases, curtains, or table runners. This sewing machine enhances your home.

Reliable Flexibility

Bernette 79 is the most versatile and reliable sewing machine. It’s sturdy and well-made. Beginners and experts alike love this sewing machine.


Sewists and embroiderers love the Bernette 79. The embroidery module, dual-feed stitch designer, and programmable foot control provide unmatched variety and precision. This sewing machine excels at home dcor and fine embroidery. Get creative with the Bernette 79. Enjoy its perfect sewing and endless options. Get the Bernette 79 to boost your projects.

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  1. Programmable foot control for customization
  2. Three hoops for embroidery versatility
  3. Dual-feed stitch designer for creative freedom
  4. Durable aluminum construction
  5. AC power source for consistent performance
Core feature
Item Weight 47 pounds
Brand Bernette
Color White, Black
Material Aluminum
Product Dimensions 20″D x 23″W x 22″H
Power Source AC
Programmable foot control
hoops Embroidery module 3
Stich Designer Dual feed
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3) Bernette b77 Sewing Machine

Best bernina sewing machine

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22.95 x 17.63 x 13.74 inches, 30.6 pounds, Bernette b77. Its chic white-and-black design suits any workspace. This machine performs and looks great.

Corded Precision

Bernette b77 is corded. This stitching miracle beats battery-operated devices. Stitching without power interruptions. Focus on your art with the Bernette b77.

Excellent Stitching

Stop sloppy stitching! Top Notch Sew on the Bernette b77 produces stunning stitching. This machine sews leather and chiffon precisely.

Flexible Eight Presser Soles

Bernette b77 knows each sewing project requires a distinct approach. Eight presser foot soles provide this machine great versatility. Quilting, embroidery, zippers, and buttons are enjoyable with the Bernette b77’s presser foot sole.

Creativity: Explore Endless Possibilities

Bernette b77 sewing machines unleash creativity. This machine helps beginners and pros test different sewing techniques.

Confidence: Guaranteed Performance

Crafting demands faith. Bernette b77 sewing machines last years. The Bernette b77 empowers you.


Finally, crafters and sewing enthusiasts who demand quality and adaptability will love the Bernette b77 sewing machine. Its corded power supply, precise stitching, and eight presser foot soles exceed expectations. Bernette b77 works well on all fabrics. Buy this fantastic sewing machine for creativity!

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  1. Top Notch Sew feature for precision
  2. Eight presser foot soles for versatility
  3. Suitable for chiffon and leather materials
  4. Corded electric power source for reliability
  5. Compact size and manageable weight
Core feature
Package Dimensions 22.95 x 17.63 x 13.74 inches
Item Weight 30.6 pounds
Brand Bernette
Color White, Black
Material Chiffon, Leather
Power Source Corded Electric
presser foot soles 8
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4) Bernette 38 Swiss Sewing Machine

Best bernina sewing machine

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AC-powered Bernette 38 Swiss impresses even experienced sewers. Free stitching! This machine lets you play with 394 stitches.

Easy Stitching

Bernette 38 Swiss sewing perfection. 7mm stitch width produces flawless stitches on various materials. This machine stitches delicate garments and strong upholstery professionally.

Easy Flexibility

Versatile Bernette 38 Swiss sewing machines. 8 presser feet stitch. This machine stitches blind hems, zippers, and buttonholes. Switch techniques effortlessly by changing presser foot.

Bobbin Control

No mid-project bobbin shortages! The Bernette 38 Swiss includes 10 transparent bobbins for thread visibility. This innovative feature allows uninterrupted sewing, letting you focus on your creativity.

Easy to Use

Beginners and experts can use the Bernette 38 Swiss sewing machine. Its controls are basic. Stitch happily.

New Horizons

Sewing better? Bernette 38 Swiss Sewing Machine allows boundless creativity. This machine helps you be creative while manufacturing garments, home decor, and accessories.

Great Value

The Bernette 38 Swiss proves excellence doesn’t cost. This high-quality sewing machine is cheap. Sewing passion pays off in every beautiful item.


The Bernette 38 Swiss sewing machine changes everything for sewers. Its versatility, adaptability, and user-friendliness make it a popular choice for confident designers. Why wait? Bernette 38 Swiss will boost your efforts. Sew well!

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  1. 394 different stitches for various projects
  2. Eight one-step buttonholes for ease of use
  3. Ten clear bobbins for easy thread management
  4. AC power source for consistent performance
  5. Lightweight and compact design
Core feature
Brand Bernette
Color White
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 19″D x 20″W x 14″H
Power Source AC
Item Weight 22.2 pounds
presser feet 8
Stitch Width 7mm
Clear Bobbins 10
different stitches 394
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5) Bernette 37 Sewing Machine

Best bernina sewing machine

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Finding Features

Aluminium frame

Aluminum-built 8-pound Bernette 37. Beginners who need to set up their sewing station in multiple areas will appreciate its portability.

No batteries or charging. AC power keeps Bernette 37 stitching.

Numerous Accessories
Its accessories are unique. Ten presser feet, ten transparent bobbins, and 20 needles cover all projects.

Flexible stitching
Want to try other stitches? Bernette37 guards. Five buttonholes, 7mm thread width, and 19 ornamental stitches make sewing fun.

Enabling Beginners

Beginners can use the Bernette 37. It simplifies stitching.

Affordable Crafters
Cheap machine. The Bernette 37’s many features are inexpensive. Great value.

Redefining Reliability
Beginners need sturdy sewing machines. Stitching is effortless with the Bernette 37.

Sew Projects

Confidently Make
The Bernette 37’s user-friendliness and stitch options promote creativity and a variety of sewing chores. You may change intricate designs.

Enjoy Sewing
Sewing is satisfying. Bernette 37 makes sewing enjoyable.

Sewing Community
Bernette 37 users are helpful. Sew, inspire, and grow together.


Beginners love the Bernette 37 sewing machine. Creative sewing beginners love its lightweight design, user-friendly interface, and many features. Sew anything using the Bernette 37. Sew with Bernette 37 today!

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  1. Lightweight design for portability
  2. Ten piece presser feet for added versatility
  3.  3. 19 decorative stitches for creative projects
  4. AC power source for reliable performance
  5. Five different buttonholes for various styles
Core feature
Brand Bernette
Material Aluminum
Item Weight 8 Pounds
Power Source AC
Piece Presser Foot 10
Clear Bobbins 10
Needles 20
different buttonholes 5
stitch width 7mm
decorative stitches 19

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6) Bernette b35 Sewing Machine

Best bernina sewing machine

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Corded Bernette B35 sewing machines work well. This machine makes sewing easy. No more complicated controls. Focus on creativity and projects with the Bernette B35.

Sewing Ability

Learn sewing? Bernette B35 inspires. Simple design and features make stitching your first products easy. Complex stitches are easy to master.

Expert Seamstress Partner

Experienced sewers need Bernette B35. It fixes intricate garments with ease. Its reliability and regularity let you finish tasks quickly.

Versatility redefined

Bernette B35 meets all stitching needs. This sewing machine handles delicate and difficult fabrics nicely.

Be Creative

Bernette B35 creates anything. Learn new stitching methods and patterns. This machine’s smooth operation allows you achieve your ideas.

Reliable and Durable

Bernette B35 sewing machines endure. Stitching is durable with its aluminium construction.

Easy Sewing

Easy Bernette B35 maintenance. Cleaning and servicing are easy, allowing you stitch.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Bernette appreciates clientele. Bernette B35 customer service resolves concerns swiftly.

In conclusion

Bernette B35 sewing machines are versatile, reliable, and user-friendly. You can confidently create outstanding projects with this machine. Bernette B35 simplifies sewing.

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  1. Automatic sewing machine for easy operation
  2. Durable aluminum construction
  3. Corded electric power source for consistent performance
  4. Multi-color design for added appeal
  5. Suitable for various skill levels
Core feature
Brand Bernette
Material Aluminum
Item Weight 7200 Grams
Power Source Corded Electric
Product Dimensions 9.45 x 17.72 x 13.39 inches
Colour Multicolour
Automatic Sewing Machine

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7) Bernette Sew Go 5 Sewing Machine

Best bernina sewing machine

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The Bernette Sew Go 5 inspires creativity with 60 stitch functions and 23 built-in stitches. This machine tackles simple and complex projects. Its many stitches provide embellishment.

Overall Convenience

The 18.21 x 13.68 x 10.04-inch Bernette Sew Go 5 sewing machine is portable and functional. It’s lightweight and fits your sewing space.

Five Presser Feet and LED Light for Easy Sewing

Sew Go 5’s five presser feet simplify stitching. This machine handles delicate and heavy fabrics well. The LED light illuminates your workspace for precise stitching in poor light.

Simple Functions

Beginners and experts can use the Bernette Sew Go 5. Its simple buttons simplify stitch settings. Sew without complications.

Flexible creativity

Bernette Sew Go 5 machines inspire creativity. Create with many stitch options and functions. Customise clothes, decor, and projects. Sew Go 5 improves sewing.


Finally, travelling sewers love the Bernette Sew Go 5. Beginners and expert sewers adore its compact size, lightweight design, and user-friendly features. 60 stitch functions and 23 built-in stitches allow stitching. Stitch a unique adventure. Sew creatively with the Bernette Sew Go 5.

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  1. 60 stitch functions for versatility
  2. 23 in-built stitches for various projects
  3. Compact size for easy transport
  4. LED light for improved visibility
  5. Corded electric power source for reliable performance

Core feature

Brand Bernette
Color Black/White
Item Weight 7200 Grams
Power Source Corded Electric
stitch functions 60
In – Built Stitches 23
Package Dimensions 18.21 x 13.68 x 10.04 inches
Presser feet 5
LED Light

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Best bernina sewing machine 2023-Complete Buying Guide

The Bernina sewing machine has long been a popular choice for sewing enthusiasts due to its reputation of quality and reliability. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, there’s sure to be a Bernina machine that is perfect for your needs. To help you choose the right one, we’ve put together this guide outlining the features of some of the best Bernina sewing machines available in 2023.

This guide will first provide an overview of the Bernina brand, including a brief look at its history and its commitment to quality. We’ll then move on to discussing some of the features and types available with these machines so that you know what to look for when buying one. Finally, we’ll provide recommendations for four great models from the company so that you can get started on your search for the perfect machine!

Brief overview of Bernina sewing machines

Bernina sewing machines are beloved by sewists around the world for their precision, reliability, and advanced features. When shopping for a Bernina sewing machine, one of the first decisions you will need to make is which model is right for you. As Bernina continues to innovate technology in their products, new models are introduced each year to provide customers with more options than ever before.

Bernina currently manufactures over 35 different machines intended for a variety of skill levels and applications. Prices can range from around $400-6,000 US dollars depending on the specifications you require from your machine. Each one comes with a generous selection of features as well as your choice of accessories such as bobbins, needles and presser feet.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line Bernina sewing machine that can handle any project imaginable with ease then look no further than the extraordinary line of industrial strength Bernina Sewing Machines that were recently released in 2023. These timeless machines feature several exclusive technologies like Direct Drive Motors that are sure to help unlock the full potential of your creativity!

Importance of choosing the right sewing machine

Choosing the right sewing machine for your needs can make all the difference in achieving accurate and reliable results. A sewing machine must be able to hold the fabric firmly and be adjustable for both thick and thin fabrics, as well as handle a range of tasks such as zigzag stitching, embroidery, patchwork quilting and buttonholing.

The Bernina brand is highly respected in the industry and continues to draw rave reviews from customers worldwide. They are renowned for their quality construction, durability, outstanding performance and modern design features, making them one of the top choices for professionals and hobbyists alike.

When shopping for a Bernina sewing machine, it’s important to consider what tasks you will be performing with it so that you can choose a model that offers all the features needed to complete those tasks. Quality accessories are also important when choosing a Bernina Sewing Machine. Ensure that all accessories included with your machine are compatible with it so that they can be used safely and securely. Finally, consider where you will set up the machine: if space is limited or if you plan on taking it along on trips then portability should be one of your considerations when selecting a model. Taking these factors into consideration when purchasing a Bernina Sewing Machine will help ensure successful results every time.

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Types of Bernina Sewing Machines

Bernina sewing machines come in a variety of models to suit the needs of sewers with all different skill levels. The selection of models range from basic starter sewing machines and overlock machines, to complex and advanced embroidery and quilting machines. To help you decide which Bernina machine is best for your needs, let’s take a closer look at the types of Bernina sewing machines available:

Starter Sewing Machines – If you’re a beginner sewer on a budget, then starter Bernina machines such as the 230PE or 330 are ideal. They offer excellent value for money and include many of the features that more advanced users need too.

Overlock Machines – Overlockers cut, trim and finish edges for professional looking results at high-speed. Bernina overlockers are easy to use and offer all the features that experienced users need.

Embroidery Machines – For those who want to craft beautiful pieces with detailed embroidery designs, then an embroidery machine is ideal. Some higher end models even feature dual system capability (embroidery & regular stitching) so you don’t have to buy both functions separately if required.

Quilting Machines – Whatever your project, Bernina quilting machines make it easier than ever before to quickly create beautiful quilts or other craft items with ease! Many models feature specially designed stitches for fabric layering that speed up the process significantly compared to hand-stitching techniques.

Overview of the different types of Bernina sewing machines

Bernina is one of the world’s oldest and most respected companies in the industry for making high-quality sewing machines. They are renowned for their precision and reliability and have a variety of models to fit any budget. Depending on your sewing needs, there is a Bernina machine to suit you, ranging from entry-level machines designed to meet the basics all the way up to professional machines with advanced features.

The Bernina 1008 is an entry-level model that comes equipped with 10 stitches, including basic 4-step buttonhole stitch and manual satin stitch settings. It also has adjustable tension control and a reverse mode, making it a great choice for garment construction beginners or patchwork quilting hobbyists.

The Bernina L220 is a more advanced machine made specifically for quilters. It has more than 100 stitch options, including decorative stitches, automatic features like needle threading and preset stitching programs, as well as an intuitive interface that allows you to customize stitch patterns to suit your own style. The L220 includes an LED lighting system for added clarity when stitching along your fabric seam guides or when doing freehand designs.

At the professional level, there are two options available: the B530 InfinityPlus Sewing Machine or the B790 Plus 9 Enterprise . These models come loaded with features such as an extra large workspace allowing more freedom of movement while sewing – exceptional durability – automated thread cutters – inbuilt needle threaders – hands-free presser foot lift system – active thread tension control – integrated bobbin winding system – easy access pattern editing software -as well as many other bells & whistles meant to help make quilting easier than ever before!

Features and benefits of each type

When considering the best Bernina sewing machine for your needs, it’s important to understand the features and benefits offered by each type.

Entry Level Machines: These basic machines are designed for beginner sewers and often include limited functions, such as straight stitching, zigzag stitching and buttonholes. They are typically lightweight and easy to transport and store, making them a great choice for occasional seamstresses. Some entry level models may come with an accessory bundle that includes additional items such as thread holders or an instructional DVD.

Mid-Range Machines: If you’re looking for something a little more advanced than an entry-level machine, mid-range machines provide quality craftsmanship with added features such as blind hem stitch, twin needle capability, topstitching capabilities and adjustable stitch length/width control. These models may also feature decorative stitches or even quilting capabilities on some models.

Avg/Adv Machines: As the most expensive option available from Bernina, these advanced machines offer features such as lighting systems that make it easier to see small details when stitching intricate designs or monograms. Additional features you might look for when selecting an avg/adv machine include LCD displays with multiple language options, one-step buttonholes and short hand free option puller systems. Many of these machines also come with a variety of accessory bundles containing extra tools you might use while crafting your projects such as seam rippers or extra bobbins.

Which type of machine is best suited for different sewing projects

Choosing the right type of sewing machine is an important factor in determining how successful you will be when completing different sewing projects. Depending on what type of project you plan to complete, it can help to select a specific type of Bernina sewing machine.

For quilting projects, you’ll want to choose either a Bernina Long arm or Midi-long arm machine. These machines provide many features that make quilting easier, such as automatic thread tensioning and bobbin winders, allowing for precise and professional results. The longer arm length allows for larger pieces of fabric to be managed more easily and with more accuracy.

For general home use and garment construction, a standard sized Bernina machine would suffice. These machines come in both mechanical and computerized versions so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Features like automatic thread cutters and buttonholes may not be available on the lower priced models but can be quite useful for certain projects.

Bernina Sewing Machines also offer industrial models suitable for professional sewers or high volume production needs, ranging from high speed lockstitch machines to autocrank units with triple lifters capable of handling large amounts of fabric easily and efficiently. Each model is loaded with features such as back-tacking needles, LED lighting systems, quick changeable cams, fully wooden parts storage box systems which allow for convenient storage and organization in busy commercial settings. Whatever style of project you’re working on, there’s sure to be a Bernina Sewing Machine perfect for your needs!

Key Features to Consider

When shopping for a sewing machine, there are some key features you need to consider. The features may vary from model to model, but these are the important criteria when picking the perfect machine for your needs.

  1. Type of Machine: There are three main types of machines available: mechanical, computerized, and electric. Mechanical sewing machines use the traditional foot pedal and control mechanisms with metal parts and supports. Computerized machines have a central control panel with LCD displays that allow users to program settings before stitching begins. Electric-powered models are operated via electric current with an adjustable foot pedal and computerized components that provide automatic settings.
  2. Speed Settings: How fast can you sew? Look at the range of speed settings available on the machines you’re considering and decide which one will work best for your needs – high speed settings if you’re doing intricate details or using heavier fabrics or low speed options if it will be used for more basic tasks on lighter fabrics or leathers.
  3. Stitches: Check how many different stitches each machine offers – from basic straight stitches and zigzag stitches, to unique holly leaf patterns or built-in embroidery designs – so you can get creative with any textile project! You’ll also want to look at how many length options each model offers for each stitch type – whether it’s one or two dozen lengths that can be adjusted in increments of 0.5mm will make your task faster or slower depending on the project at hand!
  4. Attachments: Sewing machines come with a variety of attachments like walking feet, thread cutters, pleating tools, presser feet and bobbins holders depending on their purpose – such as quilting, monogramming etc., so this is something worth double checking if you’re looking to invest in a specific type of machine!

Overview of the key features to consider when choosing a Bernina sewing machine

When shopping for a sewing machine, the Bernina brand is one of the top considerations. This is because their machines have long-lasting quality and user-friendly features that make it easy to work with all types of fabrics. Before purchasing a Bernina machine, it is important to familiarize yourself with the various features available so that you can choose the model that best meets your needs. Here’s an overview of some of the key features to consider when choosing a Bernina sewing machine:

Size and weight – One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a Bernina machine is size and weight. Depending on what type of projects you will be sewing, you may need a larger or more powerful machine. Additionally, if you plan on moving your sewing machine frequently, then lightweight models are ideal for portability purposes.

Stitch length and width – You should also consider stitch length and width when selecting a Bernina model. Most machines come with adjustable stitch settings that allow you to change the length or width depending on your needs. This allows for more precise results when working on different fabric types or projects with more intricate details.

Presser feet – To aid in stitching delicate fabrics, many Berneen models come with different presser feet attachments designed specifically for working with these materials. Additionally, some models offer snap-on presser feet which make it easier to quickly replace worn out ones or switch between various foot sizes during larger projects.

Feed Dogs – Feed dogs help garments move along while they’re being sewn by providing traction as they pass through the needle plate area under the presser foot during sewing operations. Choose a model with adjustable feed dog settings so that you can select how much fabric should move forward each time an action occurs for even stitching results every time.

How each feature impacts sewing performance and user experience

Understanding how each component of a sewing machine affects the overall sewing experience can help you to choose the best machine for your needs. Whether it’s a basic model or an advanced one, the key elements that affect user experience and performance are: speed, feed dogs and hook system, number of stitches, stitch type and quality, presser foot pressure. Let’s look at each component in more detail.

Speed: The speed of a sewing machine is measured in stitches per minute (SPM) and usually ranges from 800 – 1,500 SPM. In general, more expensive machines offer more speed than basic models. High speeds make it easier to sew multiple layers of fabric without breaking needles or producing poor stitching results.

Feed Dogs & Hook System: The Feed Dogs are what moves the fabric under the needle while stitching and assist with stitch formation, while the hook system creates chain stitch with each rotation of the needle. While basic models typically feature two feed dogs and hook systems, Bernina machines often feature four feed dogs which create smoother motion for thick fabrics or finer fabrics such as silk that require precise alignment for proper stitching results. This feature also provides extra stability when working with heavy duty materials such as leather or canvas.

Number of Stitches: Sewing machines can come with manual control options or programmed stitches depending on their intended use cases. A basic model might come with just 10-20 manual pre-set adjustments for controlling stitch widths which can be manually set; however Bernina machines have multiple selection options in terms of stitch styles so you get an endless number of creative possibilities whether it would be monograms, quilting patterns etc..

Stitch Type & Quality : Stitch type refers to both straight and zigzag stitching capabilities; while quality points to tension control whereby professional machines provide better consistent tension when selecting various thicknesses/weights of fabric being used (this helps maintain consistent stitch results). Bernina sewing machines provide superior results in terms of quality because they have features such as thread tension regulators (mechanical advantage)to reduce sizing inconsistency when using heavyweight/thick materials; reverse programmable buttom for accurate top-bottom stitching coordination; automatic thread cutters so that you don’t need to stop every time you want to change threads; responsive fingertip touch controls- this allows easy pick up so that you don’t miss any details from intricate designs such as ornamentation quilts or free motion embroidery work etc.. All these features combine together make Bernina produced superior material outcomes as compared to other brands.

Presser Foot Pressure : The presser foot is responsible for maintaining even pressure along all parts stitched; this ensures less puckering in your stitches and better control over hems and seams on thicker/heavier fabrics like denim corduroy etc… The correct pressure provided by presser feet depends on the type/weight of material being used hence they must be adjusted accordingly; again here Bernina provides another advantage due to its deeper grooves allowing reliable flow through heavier materials more efficiently than other makes thus improving overall outcomes.

Comparison of features across different models

When it comes to Bernina sewing machines, there are many models to choose from. To help you make the best decision for your needs and budget, it is helpful to compare the features across different models. Below is a comparison table of the features of 6 different Bernina sewing machines in order to provide insight into some key differences across the models of this popular brand.

Bernette Honeycomb Sewing Machine (B33) | Bernina 560 Sewing Machine | Bernina 830 Sewing Machine | Bernina 880 Plus Sewing Machine| Bernina 1230 Sewing Machine| Bernina 1530 Sewing Machine

Stitches & Buttonholes|9 stitches & 5 buttonholes |125 stitches & 10 buttonholes|208 stitches & 20 buttonholes|148 stitches & 9 buttonholes|153 stitches & 8 buttonholes

Max. Embroidery Speed (stitches/minute)| 70&uparrow | 850&uparrow I 1,500&uparrow I 2,400&uparrow I 775&uparrow | 900&uparrow I 1,700&uparrow I 2,400&uparrow ; 1,150↑ 3,300↑ 3200 I 1800 I 2400 I 3300

Stitch Width (mm)| 7 | 9 I 6 I 7 \\5 \\5 \\5 \\9\\5\\5 I 9\\3\\3 \\7 | 9 – 0.1 à 9 mm by 0.1 mm increments   IC 7.2 – 10 mm by 0.2 mm increments I 6 – 0.1 à 9 mm by 0.1 mm increments\\9\\6

Stitch Length (mm)   5            up to 4 with Twin Needle   up to 5 with Twin Needle  up to4 with Twin Needle up to4 with Twin Needle   up to 4 with Twin Needle

Weight (Kg)         11             10                 20-21       24-25         23-24                 24-25

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Our guide to the best Bernina sewing machines of 2023 should help you find the right one for your projects and budget. With this information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when it comes to investing in a Bernina sewing machine. Consider factors such as stitch quantity and quality, tension control, couplings, needle functions, and presser foot pressure. Be sure to read customer reviews before finalizing your purchase.

Ultimately you want a sewing machine that has all the features you need for your projects, with a price that’s competitive for its class. After considering all the essential features associated with each model of Bernina sewing machine on our list, we are confident that you’ve made an informed choice that will provide years of satisfaction with any project you have in mind.


Is a Bernina sewing machine worth the money?

It depends on the individual’s needs and budget. Bernina machines are known for their high quality, precision, and durability, and are often used by professionals. They do come with a higher price tag compared to some other brands.

What is the top of the line BERNINA?

The top of the line Bernina machine as of 2023 is the Bernina 880 Plus.

Is Janome better than BERNINA?

It depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Both brands have their own strengths and unique features. Janome is known for their quiet and smooth operation, while Bernina is known for their precision and durability. It’s recommended to compare the features of each brand’s machines and decide which is best for your needs.

What is the difference between bernette and Bernina Sewing Machines?

Bernette is a sub-brand of Bernina and is marketed towards beginners and hobbyists. Bernina machines are typically higher end, with more advanced features and a higher price point.

Are Juki and BERNINA the same?

No, Juki and Bernina are different sewing machine brands. They have their own unique features and strengths.

Which sewing machine brand is best?

There is no one “best” sewing machine brand as it depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Some popular brands include Bernina, Janome, Brother, Singer, and Juki.

Which sewing machine is best in India?

There are many good sewing machine brands in India, including Usha, Singer, Brother, and Janome. The best one for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

What’s the number one sewing machine?

There is no one “number one” sewing machine as it depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Some popular brands include Bernina, Janome, Brother, Singer, and Juki.

Are BERNINA sewing machines made in China?

Bernina is a Swiss company and some of their machines are made in Switzerland, while others are made in Thailand. None of their machines are made in China.

Is BERNINA or Pfaff better?

It depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Both brands have their own strengths and unique features. Bernina is known for their precision and durability, while Pfaff is known for their innovative features and user-friendly designs. It’s recommended to compare the features of each brand’s machines and decide which is best for your needs.

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